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......@@ -85,14 +85,14 @@ export default {
var type = knowledgeObj.text(element.type)
var title = knowledgeObj.text(element.title)
// this gets all the ids but we dont know which is which
var uniqueid = knowledgeObj.text(element._id)
// this gets all the ids
knowledgeObjid = element._id
// rect_1.connectable({
// container: links,
// markers: markers
......@@ -109,7 +109,10 @@ export default {
// FIXME: associate each node with a knowledge object in the db
// so we have a mapping to record these movements
nodes.mouseup(node => {
// this logs out the final id in the array it doesnt know which one I moved...
// node.clientX and Y is fine different thing
// console.log(node)
console.log("x: "+node.clientX)
console.log("y: "+node.clientY)
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