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# Coding Guidelines

Don’t show off. Its ok if your code is verbose the easier to read, the _better_.

All code must fit into the GNU Affero General Public License. Basic rule is free software all the way. 

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All dependancies have to be loaded in via vue ui cli.

Components must follow the convention _thename-name_ views are single words, all lowercase.

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## Problem solving

## Language

## Code organization

Use comments, in fact over use comments.
Feel free to retro add comments after a batch of code

## Framework

## User Interface
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Now this is the exciting part, node noggin has been build to make this the most extensible part of the code base.
The main view once connected to any instance is home.vue which contains logo.vue & current-instance.vue. current-instance houses two components knowledge-object.vue (the data) and user-interface.vue which is the main interface for said data. You can change the complete behavior of this by building a new user-interface.vue component.
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## Version Control

We use feature branches for everything. Never work from master, check out master and branch. Once work is completed request a merge, however at this stage its your job to resolve conflicts.